Madeline Black
Virtual Timeline of Madeline Black

Virtual Timeline of Madeline Black



Madeline’s life pursuit is the discovery of how the human body moves. This encompasses the creation of movement techniques based on Pilates, yoga and Gyrotonic®, integration of manual work into the movement experience and through her training of other teachers, helping others to sustain movement capacity throughout their lives. Her extensive study and widely respected accomplishments in the field of movement and fitness have fueled her rise as an international leader in movement and exercise education. What sets Madeline apart is her intuitive integrity, articulate awareness of the physical body and decades of expertise.

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Studio Workshops




Madeline travels around the world presenting at workshops & conferences.

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Centered: Organizing the Body through Kinesiology, Movement Theory and Pilates Techniques is Madeline Black’s first comprehensive book of her approach to the body in movement. The book features various illustrations and sets out to define a scope of practice – the integrative movement specialist.

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Immersive Trainings

The Madeline Black Method™ is a movement process that brings changes to the body for better movement, health and improved physical capacity. The Immersive Trainings are designed to immerse expert movement teachers into a highly focused and engaging experience to better understand body movement and the patterns that affect functional movement health.

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By having a membership, you get exclusive access to Madeline Black’s instructional movement tips, cues and solutions to enhance your movement and physical strength. Not only will you receive the newest videos every week, you can also access past videos.

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