Immersive Body trainings

The Madeline Black Method™ is a movement process that brings changes to the body for better movement, health and improved physical capacity.

The Immersive body training is an engaging experience giving you the time to involve yourself deeply to better understand human body movement and the habitual patterns that affect functional health.

If you are a teacher in the movement field looking to advance your education, perception, intuition, and manual skills, this program is for you.  Madeline Black escorts each participant through the experience of movement in their own body, education in movement theory and personal feedback on the process of working with the body. 

“Gather” and “Encompass” are two segments where teachers are welcome to attend in any order. “Constellation” is the third segment that follows both “Gather” and “Encompass” Metaphora is the fourth segment.  Click here for more information regarding Immersive Body Trainings



Gather is an immersion experience following Madeline Black’s book “Centered.” During the five days, you will explore movement through gait patterns, observing, palpating and cueing for extraordinary changes in the body. You will experience embodying the movement techniques with daily class, learn specialized techniques to change the function and structure of the body and develop clarity of your approach to physical training.

Total hours: 30 PMA CEC provided

Next GATHER Trainings:

North Carolina February 2020

Singapore February 2020

San Francisco April 2020

Shanghai May 2020

London June 2020

Detroit July 2020



Encompass circles around the whole body using observations, movement relationships as a whole and their influences on function and structure. This training embraces the how, why and what you are seeing, and sensing in order to help organize the client’s body during sessions. Time is spent practicing techniques progressing toward session development and directing the client’s body into better organization. It is not required to take Gather prior to this training. 

Total hours: 28 hours PMA CEC provided

Next ENCOMPASS Trainings:

Japan May 2020

Singapore August 2020

London September 2020

San Francisco September 2020

Shanghai November 2020



After completing both Gather and Encompass, it is time to cluster related movement concepts, and techniques addressing the assessed need of your client. The thought and intuitive process of sequencing techniques with movement training is the gem of Madeline Black Method™. In this training, you will learn a succinct progression useful for approaching specific areas of the body. You will be taught specific sequencing for each area of the body with the global perspective always present.  There will be focus on practice so you are confident and clear on how to integrate the nuggets the Madeline Black Method™ into your practice.

Total hours: 24 hours PMA CEC provided

San Francisco March 2020

London 2021



Arises after the culmination of Gather, Encompass and Constellation as the ultimate experience as a full expression of the method. Metaphora comes from the Greek origin of the word metaphor meaning “to transfer”.  We will come to together to receive and transfer our gifts with each other in a healthy and healing environment. Stay tuned for the ultimate experience in 2021.