Standing Spine Curl with Posture Pole

This video helps you feel how the spine curls sequentially from the skull through the ribcage. The motions starts from the head at the first vertebrae of the neck. The occiput (skull bone on the base of the head) moves upwardly allowing the head to nod. The nodding begins the flexion motion of the spine. It is also a nice way to release the tension at the base of the skull and neck. The second motion is adding the curling or flexion of the ribcage. The head begins the nodding then your attention goes to the mid to lower ribcage. The pole is placed across the mid to lower ribcage to help you feel how to lean a small amount into the pole. The pole moves upward giving the spine the motion to curl from the head up to this point. It is also a nice lengthening of the back tissues necessary for trunk curling. It feels nice to give those tissues length and movement. It will help to ease any tensions in the back. We will build on this spinal motion in the next video.