Sequence #1


For the past four months, I have posted individual exercises primarily for the legs to core and stability of the trunk. My intention was for you to take the time to explore these movements individually, learn them without watching and integrate it into your practice. It is time to link each of them into an intelligent sequence. Below are  images from the videos to remind you of which movement follows the next. Begin with doing three repetitions for each movement. See if you can move from on into the next without too much time in between. Work on the sequence so that you memorize it, and be able to minimze the time in between each movement. Build up to 5-8 repetitions each. I would love to hear your feedback as to how it feels, how long it took you to move through all of the exercise and any other feedback!

1. Bridge Series






2. Bridge with Rotating Hips






3. Butterfly Hips






4. One Leg Bridge






5. Seated Gluteal Activations






6. Rotating Hips with Leg Lift






7. Spinal and Hip Extension






Take a moment at the end of extension, breath into your back, then if you desire a cat or child's pose, it is a nice time to add before standing up for the final exercise in sequence #1.






8. Spinal Rolldown on Wall

Finished! Seqeunce #2 will be posted next week.