Posture Pole: Standing Torso Spirals

I will be posting a series of videos using the Posture Pole that adds a dimension of biotensegrity. Please read my post "Whole Body Connecting Force: Biotensegrity Model for Movement" to understand the principles of biotensegrity movement. By holding the Posture Pole and moving the trunk gives the body a strong connection of the arms into the trunk. The Posture Pole enhances the spinal movement as a tensegrity model. Hold the pole with the hands palm ups, shoulder width apart. As you move through the simple spirals, the key is to pull the pole with one hand as you move it up toward the ceiling and pull with the opposite hand as the pole moves downward. Imagine the pole as an oar of a boat, where you dig the paddle into the water and press the water away adding an arcing up behind you. Your focus may stay on the Posture Pole so that your head follows the spiral path you are creating. The legs move in an up and down pumping action, bending the knees as the pole moves down and straigthening as the pole moves upward. A little heel lift on the upward motion of the arc feels good too. After repeating these movements several times, you will experience a rhythm. The breath follows the rhythm.