Twist in a Deep Squat

The roller will help support the ankle while sitting in a deep squat. Many people are not able to deeply squat due to the lack of dorsi flexion of the ankle among other reasons. The heel lift allows for support of the ankle. Watch the video and see how I use my hands to lengthen the side of the body that needs to lengthen in order to twist. Plus the pulling and bracing of the arm helps move into a deep twist. Sitting in a deep squat works the hip flexors. The next movement counters the hip flexion by extending. Each time the pelvis presses forward, you shall feel an increase in the stretch and movement forward. The pelvic rotations lengthens the spiral tissue of the pelvis, hip and leg. Be sure the rotation is in the hip joint and pelvis and not being driven by the spine. Pressing one knee into the floor helps with the hip rotation. Finsih with a pelvis press forward or just sit back to stand up.