Straight Leg Bridges

A straight leg bridge is very challenging! It is a very small lifting up feeling. Try not to make it big. The straight leg bridge focuses on precise movement of hip extension. You will feel the hamstring and lower gluteals engaging. This area, the posterior hip is important for support of the spine and for functional walking. Exercising the butt area as in squats or leg lifts, sometimes, misses out the important deep connection of the hamstring into the buttocks and the continuation with the long back muscles. Strengthening this whole chain connection will help with any spinal discomfort. Be mindful of how you are lifting off the mat. Are you using only your back muscles by over arching? Inhaling when lifting is helpful to feel the length of the whole body and float up off the mat. You legs may be hip width or try it with the legs together, a little more difficult! Try three to five times and see how it feels. I do not recommend more than 8 lifts, 3-5 of the single leg lifts. It works well after doing the first two bridges shared before as a sequence.

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