Standing Rolldown on the Wall

Stand with your back against the wall and your feet slightly away from the wall. You will have to practice the movement and see where to best place your feet in relation to the wall.  About one foot (literally your foot) away from the wall is a good start. Feel the back of the head at the occiput on the wall. Notice where your eyes are and what you are looking at. With the occiput on the wall, your eyes focus straight in front of you, so you may have to move your eyeballs up!

Slide the occiput up the wall, your eyes will lower, then feel the back of the ribcage moving up the wall which moves your head away from the wall. And continue moving the spine up the wall to curve forward toward the floor. It is not necessary at first to touch the floor. It is not the goal. The movement of the spine is the objective and the subjective is to feel the lengthening and elongation of the spine when perfomring flexion. You will expereince a core connection as you progress into flexion. Reverse the path of the spine from the lowest segment that is off the wall and rollt he spine back into the standing position..

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