One Leg Bridge on Roller and more

First, with both legs up and knees bent, focus on the dropping of the ribs, allowing gravity to sink the ribs down. Then we will alternate stretching the back of one leg (hamstring) and the front of the other hip (hip extensors). Actively flex the foot that is lengthening the hamstring and point the foot as it touches the floor. Alternate these movements repeating several times. Stay with one leg raised and the other now planted on the floor. Reach the foot toward the ceiling as you float the pelvis off the roller. It is a small lift. Repeat this 10 times. Add a small pulsation of the top leg moving toward your face before switching to the other side. The spine and ribs stay dropped. Be careful not move the spine away from the floor while doing these movements. Ironing out the lower back: allow the knees to fall into your chest, flexing the spine. Using your hands slowly press the roller away. Control the descent of the spine to the floor using abdominal control.