Neck Strengthening Using the Posture Pole

The next step in strengthening the front of the neck is to use the Posture Pole. Find a wooden pole 3 feet in length and 1/2" in diameter. Wrap and hand towel in the center of the pole for comfort of the head. Place the head on the pole and practice what you learned in the previous post. The pole provides a support but more importantly feedback to alignment of the head as it "floats" off the floor. Maintain the head in contact with the pole with a weighted sense. Your arms will help support the weight. The pole will give you sensory feedback and allow for a bigger lift of the head off the floor. It is important to find the position of the head on the neck prior to lifting. It is nice to practice with the pole, then remove the pole and perform a head "float" without the pole and feel how supported the anterior neck muscles have become.