Lengthening Side Leg with Adduction

Challenging side balancing while lying sideways on two rollers and lengthening the iliotibial band and fascial connections into the waist. Place the rollers, one under the side of the pelvis and the other under the ribcage. Adjust the placement so that you can balance in a side lying plank like position. Be sure the roller is not uncomfortable to the places where you are lying on. Be sure the rib roller is not too high into the arm pit because there nerves that are in the area and maybe sensitive. Once you find the balance, move the top leg behind slightly (hip extension). The goal is to lengthening the side of the leg up through the side body. Lowering the leg toward the floor by actively using the inner thigh muscles (adductors). Repeat the activity of the adductor to lengthening the side of the leg so the foot lowers toward the floor. Once you feel you achieved the length, challenge yourself by balancing in this new length. This strengthens the core muscles for stability. Study the video before practicing it yourself. Each side of the body will feel and move differently.