Internal and External Rotation of the Shoulder

A whole body approach working the internal and external rotation of the shoulder. Watch the video in its entirety for set up and movement cues. The legs are engaged by pressing the heel into the wall and the use of a loop band around the ankles. This gives the body stability and ground for support. The first movement is a warm-up idea to feel the whole body and to trace the movement of the arm along the wall. The second part encorporates the use of a band. You will see the band being stabilized by the opposite side shoulder and hand that is not moving. As the arm is resisting the band, moving internally and externally, the spine is participating with rotation. Shoulder strength is not isolated to just the rotator cuff muscles. The function of the shoulder includes the rotation, extension and flexion of the upper spine. We are working stability of the legs, strength with motion of the shoulder in its range connecting with the spine.

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