Double Leg Circles on Roller

Lie on top of the roller as you did in the previous exercise, One Leg Bridge on the Roller. Allow gravity to help sink the ribs toward the floor. It is important to maintain the sinking rib feeling as you circle the legs. The leg movement is simple. The challenge is to maintain the spine position with the sinking ribs as the legs move away from you. Practice the warmup until you feel how you can move the legs without changing the trunk. Once you mastered this, then straighten the legs for the longer lever. The small twist of the knees stimulates the obliques and loosens up the tighness in the spine. This will help with the ability to maintain the trunk position when circling. If you twist more and feel the side of the hip muscles, it helps release the rotator muscles making for ease in the hip circles. Finish with ironing out of the sacrum.