Buttefly Hips

Butterfly Hips is a simple movement to activate the deep gluteals known as the deep rotators. These rotators act as strong stablizers of the hip in addition to help the alignment of the leg. Butterfly hips gives you a strong sense of the where these muscles are and how the engage. The pelvis position is important when lifting. The top of the pelvis (ASIS) and the pubic bone are level. Imagine a plate resting on the front of the pelvis and doesn't tip in any direction. Some people are pubic bone dominate where it tips higher than the top of the pelvis. Others are reversed. Place your hands on the pelvis to feel that you are level and when lifting, the pelvis doesn't tip. Inhaling as you lift gives you a sense of lengthening and floating. Play with how close your feet are to the pelvis. The deep rotators are shaped like a fan. You will engage stronger in different areas of the fan with the legs closer or further away from the pelvis. Do five repetitions in two different placements of the feet. Feel the little toe edge of the feet grounded into the mat.

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