Bridging with Hip Rotation

Bridges are the perfect movement for whole body awareness, and the all important strengthening of the legs and spine. Bridges strengthen the hip, and trunk muscles necessary for your everyday movement. It is a powerful counter movement for sitting and recruits the movement patterning for squats and walking/running activities. Bridges also require the engagement of the trunk core muscles stabilizing and articulating the spine. This variation of bridges targets the deep hip muscles called the deep rotators and the various fiber attachments of the gluteus maximus muscle. Be mindful to feel the hip joint moving, one leg in internal rotation and the other in external rotation. It will be easy to rotate higher in the spine at the ribcage (T11/T12) rather then in the hip joint. Smaller movement the better to truly feel the movement is activated from the hip joint. Be sure that your weight is maintained on the feet. When your pelvis rotates to the right, feel the weight on the inside of the right foot and outside of the left foot. Notice how this helps stabilize the leg enabling the pelvis to rotate from the hip and lower spine. Perform the Bridging with Hip Rotation two times to each side, lower down to the starting position then repeat moving into the bridge again, repeat the rotations twice to each side. Try the whole sequence 5 times total. I will be posting more bridge variations that you can add to the sequence of bridges.  

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