Biotensegrity Trunk and Arms

Last one of the Biotensegrity series using the band to facilitate the trunk and arms. Tie a theraband to be placed around the wrists. You want tension to press into the band but not too much tension that the arms, especially the armpit area feels tense. To easily measure the band, cross one arm in front of the body, horizontal to the floor about navel level. Fold the band in half, hold the folded end in the hand across the body. Measure the length of the forearm to the elbow with the open ends. At the point just passed your elbow is where you tie the band. This will be approimately the right size loop. You can adjust it looser or tighter for your preference. The movement is in two parts. One part is pretensing the posterior (back) shoulder though rotation, then elevation of the arms to pretense the back, adding a small extension of the spine then recoiling into spinal flexion (a curl). Hold the knees so that you can feel a nice curl of the spine. Repeat this direction 5 times. Then add rotation for the oblique lines, both front and back diagonals. Watch the video in its entirety before trying.

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