Biotensegrity Calf Raises on Half Roller 1

The next two videos are calf raises with a biotensegrity twist. In my general blog, Whole Body Connecting Force: A Biotensegrity Model for Movement", other principles of biotenegrity movement is multi directional movement. Here you are shifting the edges of the feet to facilitate a tensional force up through the leg, then contracting the posterior leg prior to the length tension repeating. Play with the varied angles slowly. Watch the spinal movement and pelvis position. In addition to challenging the legs, we are affecting the spine and hip joint. At first there is a slight side bending of the spine toward the front leg on the half roller. Then adding the side sway lengthens that side from the outer ankle through the lateral spine. It is interesting to feel the dynamic work of the spine in relation to and coordinating with the feet. NOTE: if you feel discomfort from the spinal position, you can stand on a yoga block with the back foot to level the pelvis elimianting the spinal side bending.

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