Anterior Cervical Strengthening

This exercise requires attention paid to the bones of the neck (cervical) and visualizing the movement of the bone you are focusing on. The therabnd provides the resistance, surface to press into and gives sensory feedback to the segment you wish to move back. This stimulates the myofascia of the front (anterior) to activate thereby strengthening the area that is important to support the neck and head. Standing in good alignment is important to establish prior to perfomring this small but highly effective movement. The hands on the wall and pulling of the band is activating the scapula muscles (serratus anterior)that provides stability of the thorax allowing for the cervical vertebrae to move. You can choose which segment to stimulate. Look side ways into a mirror and notice the shape and placement of the cervical bones. You may notice the lower part is too far forward or you have a prominent lower cervical. Place the band at the segment that looks too far forward. If you do not see any major shift of the cervical bones too far forward, place the band in the center of the neck. Do not press very hard, just enough to feel an activation of the front of the neck. We are not intending to straighten the neck, another problem for neck discomfort. Breathe in on the backward movement and exhale allowing the neck to move back to its relaxed state so you can move it back again. Repeat this 10 times at first, build up to 20 times. This is also a nice counter movement for looking at you computer, device, or looking down for too long.