Toe Walking

Walking on your toes makes you feel elevated and regal. It requries that your maintain a lifted feeling in the whole body. Each step, the whole body lifts up and over each foot. Toe walking works more of the back part of the lower leg (gastocnemius, soleus and deeper lower leg muscles) which is continuous with the back of the thigh (hamstrings and gluteals) and into the back spinal muscles. Play with straighter legs (the knee can bend to swing the leg forward but step onto a straight leg) and staying in bent knees. Walking backwards on the toes increases the challenge of the back side of the body. Be sure you know what is behind you! Walk on your toes in different directions, side ways and diagonals. Imagine you are floating along the floor. Barefoot is preferable. If your toe balls (metatarsals) are sensitive walk carpet or wear socks but please do not slip!