Child's Pose on the Roller

This is a nice follow up to "Spinal Motion on the Roller", last week's video. After performing the Spinal Motion on the Roller, flex forward and rest on the roller as if you are sitting in child's pose from yoga. The cervical spine begins in an upper segment of rotation by resting the face on the roller close to the nose. Feel the weight of the head resting on the roller. First, rest there and breath slowly for three sets. Feel the breath fill up the lower spine. You may notice in the video the expansion of the lower back with the inhalation. On the exhalation, let go, feel your spine release with gravity. After breathing with the head turned to both direction, roll along the cheek bone (zygoma bone) toward the ear. It may be tender along the bone for a couple of reasons. One, the bone is more superficial here and bones are more tender. There is also Trigger Points along the cheek bone that refer to the Upper Trapezius muscle. As we all know, the upper trapezius muscle is always tense since its job is to hold our heads up. The head weighs alot, especially when it is held in front of our vertical axis. We do this all day long, ala looking down or forward. Allow the rest of the spine and hips to respond and move with the cervical rotation. Rollers have different densities. Pink is the softest and the one I recommend for this exercise. The white or black rollers are too dense and not recommended.