Wall Jumps

Wall Jumps are working the arms and connections into the trunk. Standing side ways to the wall at an angle places more weight into the arm on the wall. The further away from the wall that you stand, the more difficult the arm jumps become. Watch how the hand moves through the fingers into the palm of the hand to the wrist. The articulation of the hand is similiar to that of the feet if you were jumping bare foot. Be aware of how you are distributing the force of landing on the wall through the hand into the wrist and up the arm. The wall jumps challenge the core as well. Try to minimize excess movement of the neck and head but do not hold it tightly. Let it naturally respond. This exercise is healthy for the fascia of the hand to trunk connections by working with a rebounding, and recoil of the tissues as you press off the wall and land repeatedly. The impact helps increase bone density epecially at the wrist.

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