Maximizing Glute Strength: Two Variations

The trainer creed for leg alignment is to keep the knee over the 2nd toe and never move the knee beyond the toes. I am breaking this creed because we need to move into the places that challenge the structures surrounding the joints for effective load of stress to build support of these joints to prevent injury. Of course, building into deeper ranges gradually, and never with pain.

You will need two blocks.

In the first variation, I am guiding you to maximize the length of the glute max (the whole poster-lateral hip) prior to contracting it. To achieve the maximum length, you will go into deep hip flexion and adduct the knee (yes moving the knee toward the midline not in line with your 2nd toe!). From this place, press off to extend the hip. Begin gradually with the range and work into the full range as shown.

The second variation is in a lunge stance again, this time you work the back leg. Hold the lunge position and move the back knee outward and inward with little pivoting of the back foot. The motion is at the hip and not very large. Be sure to move the knee across your midline.