Standing Leg Reach with Thoracic Translation

When the lumbar spine side bends (lateral bending), functionally the thorax will bend in a reciprocal way. This does not always occur. If we wish to side bend the lumbar spine to the right, then by side bending the thorax to the left, we assist the spinal motion through out the spine. To side bend the thorax, the motion of translation of the vertebrae creates a lateral motion of that area of the spine. This motion creates a lateral bend, but very small specific to the area. Simply, by breathing into one side of the ribs will create a translation motion. Or by elevating one arm, as in this video, the ribs and thoracic spine will also translate. I am playing with the motion of the lumbar spine and countermotion of the thorax. you will feel it helps the balance on one leg and engages the spine intrinsically.