Walking in Place

Performing this movements allows the whole body to move in a way that is similar to the spinal movements that occur while walking. The movement is while keeping the legs straight dorsi flex one ankle as the other plantar flexes. By repeating the changing of the ankles, a rhythm is established where the lumbar spine laterally bends and pelvis moves in a figure eight pattern. Swinging the arms initiates the thoracic rotation. Helpful cueing is to feel the weight on one heel and at the same time the ball of the opposite foot. Or sometimes it helps to say lift one heel and stand on the other. If you or the client do not think about it too much, the motion takes over and it flows, as if you are walking down the street. I recommend this movement when one feels their sacrum or lower back is feeling stiff or “off” and if they have been sitting for too long as being on an airplane.