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Sole to Spine with Madeline Black

"From Sole to Spine: An In-depth Exploration of the Relationship between the Foot and Structures of the Pelvis and Spine."

 Ever wonder how feet influence the core? Discover how to correct misaligned feet and achieve better overall movement function for your clients. Help those with foot issues unlock reciprocal movement dysfunction in the spine and pelvis (and vice versa) through standing, walking and non-weight bearing choreography. This two-day workshop will explore the anatomy and function of the feet up through the pelvic-lumbar junction.

 Course Objectives

  • Learn the anatomy of the foot, ankle and its affect on the joints above through the lumbo-pelvic junction

  • Looking at weight bearing and non weight bearing of feet and the impact on the work of the whole leg, pelvis and spine

  • Practice assessment skills of the lower quadrant

  • Learn techniques to release, strengthen the feet using simple tools and Pilates repertoire on the mat, reformer, cadillac and wunda chair

  • Discuss gait mechanics from the feet up to the spine

  • Discover the relationship of the feet to the core


Early Bird 1: 23/11/2018 195€ 3 Days Seminar (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Early Bird 1: 23/11/2018 155€ 2 Day Seminar (Saturday & Sunday)

Early Bird 1: 23/11/2018 65€ 1 Day Seminar (Friday)

Early Bird 1: 23/11/2018 95€ 1 Day (Saturday OR Sunday)

Early Bird 2 18/01/2019 195€ 2 Day Seminar (Saturday & Sunday)

Early Bird 2 18/01/2019 115€ 1 Day (Saturday OR Sunday)

AFTER 18/01/2019 275€ 2 Days Seminar (Saturday & Sunday)

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