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Support The Arms: Thorax To Wrist with Madeline Black

The shoulder is supported from the spine from one side and the wrist from the other. In this workshop, Madeline will show how the shoulder becomes a more efficient mover when the relationship of the spine and the wrist are working in contrast and in balance. She will lecture on biomechanics, fascial relationships, and positional dysfunctions. We will work with hands-on skills for reeducation of movement patterns. Exercises for the upper quadrant on Pilates apparatus and mat will be included and practiced.

Course Objectives

• To provide a deeper understanding and knowledge of the interplay between the spine, shoulder girdle, shoulder joint and through the arm into the wrist.

• Anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder

• Explore the fascial relationships of the T/L junction thought the wrist

• Hands-on skills for movement re-education

• Learn basic assessment skills, simple movements tools that allow clients access to feeling the connection of their upper body while performing upper body focused Pilates exercises

• Learn how to work with limited joint function of shoulder and wrist

• Practice time on Pilates apparatus


Early Bird 1: 23/11/2018 195€ 3 Days Seminar (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Early Bird 1: 23/11/2018 155€ 2 Day Seminar (Saturday & Sunday)

Early Bird 1: 23/11/2018 65€ 1 Day Seminar (Friday)

Early Bird 1: 23/11/2018 95€ 1 Day (Saturday OR Sunday)

Early Bird 2 18/01/2019 195€ 2 Day Seminar (Saturday & Sunday)

Early Bird 2 18/01/2019 115€ 1 Day (Saturday OR Sunday)

AFTER 18/01/2019 275€ 2 Days Seminar (Saturday & Sunday)

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Earlier Event: February 10
Encinitas/San Diego
Later Event: February 24