My first comprehensive book of my approach to the body in movement is now available for purchase!

Centered: Organizing the Body through Kinesiology, Movement Theory and Pilates Techniques

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All copies of Centered purchased on this website will be signed by Madeline and shipped with a free gift set of “Posture Pencils”

 (Standing on Posture Pencils placed under the proper weight bearing bones of the feet and feeling the body weight distributed on the Posture Pencils aligns the whole body with ease. It is an instant felt sense tool giving a sensory and motor learning experience for standing with optimal posture. Read more about it in “Centered” chapter one. )

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See Madeline’s “Centered” interview with Kristi Cooper on Pilates Anytime!

Centered sets out to define a scope of practice – the integrative movement practitioner. The practice encompasses:

  • An understanding of the body’s movement potential

  • Analysis of the available movement in the body by identifying holding patterns caused by dysfunctional movement in the individual

  • Changing restrictions through techniques such as muscle energy, innovative Pilates set-ups on the apparatus and hands-on work

  • Developing a whole body approach for strengthening and brain imprinting exercises to reinforce a new way of moving

  • Self practice and continued education

320 pages, highly illustrated paperback

  • Madeline has elegantly accomplished the complex task of creating a book we need and always wanted. A book for teaching and understanding what we teach and a comprehensive guide for ‘doing’, understanding why we do it… I highly recommend this book for all of us who teach movement, therapeutic or otherwise. It may just become your best guide in practice. Thank you Madeline.
    — Marie Jose Blom, CPMT; Pilates Master Teacher, Movement Educator, Lecturer and Int. Presenter/Consultant; PMA Gold Certified; Creator/Educator of SmartSpine™ System; CEO, SomaSom, Inc.;
  • Madeline’s book ‘Centered’ is an amazing experience and exploration of qualitative movement, a must have for all who consider themselves movement practitioners. I believe it will become a classic tool for our profession.
    — Brent Anderson, PhD, PT, OCS, PMA(r)-CPT; Founder Polestar Pilates, Florida, USA
  • Madeline aims to make one more durable and utilitarian, fit for the needs of life. You will move with more ease and grace by both listening and then doing this deeply informed bodywork.
    — Phillip Beach, DO, DAc; author of Muscles and Meridians: The Manipulations of Shape, Churchill Livingstone, 2010
  • A comprehensive and practical book that combines science, movement education, and self-awareness from a master teacher and practitioner. I highly recommend it.
    — Tom Hendrickson, DC; author of Massage and Manual Therapy for Orthopedic Conditions, Lippincott. Williams & Wilkins, 2009
  • Exploration of the gray area between science and exercise, which falls under the umbrella of Pre-Pilates, serves to improve balance and function so that exercise will reinforce good movement patterns. Madeline approaches movement from a foundation of dynamic anatomy. ‘Centered‘ is full of insight and accessible, practical information for movement teachers.
    — Deborah Lessen, PMA-CPT
  • An essential read for students and practitioners of the movement arts; wonderfully descriptive and clearly illustrated! My favorite is Chapter 5, about the importance of the diaphragm- read it first, and then again. Madeline has synchronized all her studies and knowledge into a valuable gift for those of us who love to learn. Your efforts are truly appreciated!
    — Marika Molnar, PT, LAc; Director, Westside Dance Physical Therapy; Director of Physical Therapy Services to New York City Ballet
  • The implications of this book are far-reaching. I believe that it has significance across all disciplines of traditional behavioral medicine as we know it today. The mind initiates movement. Is it possible that movement in turn manifests creative thought? Madeline’s expertise in this area is well defined in this book.
    — Dr JC Bobo, MD, psychoneuroimmunologist
  • Having attended Madeline’s lectures and workshops over the year, I welcome her first book. It will be an important addition to my Pilates reference library.
    — Alan Herdman, author of The Pilates Directory (2004), The Gaia Busy Person’s Guide to Pilates (2003), Pilates for Men (2007), and The Complete Pilates Tutor (2014)