Teaching in Japan, September 2013

Taken in 2010 after completing a workshop, as you can see we love what we do and have fun along the way! I have the honor to be associated and connected to a wonderful group of Pilates teachers in Tokyo and Hayama, Japan. I believe, Rie Sakai of Pilates Movement Space, has invited me for the last 7 or 8 years to share my knowledge and way of working with the body. Each time I go, there is the core group, who I see each year in addition to teachers whom I have never met. I love seeing old friends and colleagues and seeing how they have grown in their work. Rie has a specific vision in advancing the work of Pilates teachers in Japan. Like myself, she is interested in other aspects of the body that we can draw into Pilates work. This year, she has requested a workshop that I taught only in New York at Studio 26 called "Sole to Spine: Biomechanics and Biorhythms". This is a highly advanced course using hands-on skills to work with biorhythms of the lower body to enhance movement potential and healing. Both Rie and Jared Kaplan of Studio 26 are expanding the field by offering workshops like this one.

Rie makes the most of having me come so far to be at her two studios. This year, we are offering the following workshops for teachers who are new to my work and more advanced to the returning teachers. We, of course, have wonderful meals together and spend time socializing. I look forward to being with everyone soon.

September 12: Scoliosis In this workshop, you will learn to identify structural and functional scoliosis using simple assessment skills and understand the movement mechanics of the spine along with the dysfunction created by scoliosis. Create an effective exercise program for your clients with scoliosis using specific exercises that target the balance between release and support of the structure. Madeline Black will utilize the Pilates apparatus, mat, rollers, balls, and spine corrector to identify movement patterns and develop corrective exercises.

September 13-14: Supple Neck and Shoulders Organizing the head and neck in life is challenging for most people. In Pilates, it can be what makes or breaks a good experience enabling the client to connect into the core. A supple neck also plays strongly into how the shoulder girdle functions. Madeline will lecture on the anatomy and fascial relationship of the cervical spine into the upper trunk and shoulder region. You will learn specific neck exercises both non-apparatus and with Pilates apparatus. Learn how to work with neck issues effectively.

September 16: Sole To Spine ONE DAY Ever wonder how feet influence the core? Discover how to correct misaligned feet and achieve better overall movement function for your clients. Help those with foot issues and see how the alignment of the leg changes. This one day workshop will explore the anatomy and function of the feet and the relationship to the trunk.

September 17-18: Sole to Spine: From Biomechanics to Biorhythms Madeline Black is known for the continuous evolution of her work bringing science, biomechanics, energetics and advanced concepts to Pilates. Sole to Spine is now a highly attended course focused on the foot’s influence on the adaptability of the pelvis and spine. Now, Madeline is ready to take Sole to Spine to a new level—from Biomechanics to Biorhythms. She will explore the primal structures of the lower limb that influence the cavities of the body; she will help participants identify fluid motion in the tissues initiated by the bones to balance mobility and increase vitality; and culminate the day with a foray into fascial breath.