Shoulder Series #2: Doorway Contract and Release

shoulder series exercises by madeline blackSecond in a series of working with the shoulder region. (see first, Wall Circles and third, Using Belt)The "Doorway Contract and Release" works the rotator cuff and the pectoral and latissimus connection to the arm. A simple contraction by pressing into the door frame and a release as the forearm moves away from the door frame moving the shoulder into external rotation. This increases range of motion, and restores strength to the shoulder. Start at a comfortable angle of the elbow to shoulder. Start lower than the shoulder and gradually move the elbow up the wall.

You should NOT experience any pain while doing this. If you do, lower the angle of the arm. Have awareness of the lower ribcage by not allowing the ribs to move forward as your arm moves backward. Exhale on the movement of the forearm away from the wall so that you create a connection into the core to stabilize the lower ribs. It increases the motion at the shoulder.

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