Shoulder Series #1: Wall Circle

shoulder exercises by madeline blackThe shoulder has attachments as far away as your pelvis in the back and in the front. These attachments are not only arise from the same side of the pelvis but also cross from the shoulder to the opposite hip. This allows for the whole full circling of the arm. At any point along the attachments there can be restrictions impeding the movement of the shoulder. Performing the wall circle will free up the restrictions. You may find that movement if the spine and pelvis also improves. Be mindful of your ability. Never move into pain, and allow your body's intelligence to guide you how the movement is performed. An example is you may need to be farther away from the wall or you begin with a partial circle. With continued practice, you will find the movement changes.

First in a series of working the shoulder region. See the second, Doorway Contract and Release, and the third, Using a Belt.

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