Welcome to the Dialogue!

Many innovators of movement, Joseph Pilates, Moshe Feldenkrais, Rudolf Van Laban, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Emilie Conrad, Hanya Holm, Juliu Horvath, Jean Claude West, Judith Aston and beyond have contributed to the field of the body in terms of how to feel, and see the pathways that create positive changes and increased vitality in ourselves.Fitness and health means moving with ease, pain-free, feeling "spontaneous zest and pleasure" (to quote Mr. Pilates) in our daily life. To me, defining what is fitness, strength building, core not the madness of thinking the bootcamp workout is the way to becoming fit. I plan to report my findings in this area, bridging the movement world from which I started and the fitness world, the one I try to stay on the periphery of. I believe in a strong and healthy body through sound mind and body (a hint of Mr. Pilates again!).

madeline black dance jumpI am grateful for the help and support of many people who encourage me, advise me and help me when it comes to updating technology for communicating my work. It allows me to truly begin a blog offering ideas, articles of interest on the body, health and life and an opportunity to create a like minded community of movers and believers in moving consciously for health and fitness.

Thank you to Jane Siegel, my foundation and holder of the studio; Wildfireweb folks in Sonoma; Celeste and Donna of WordMice helping me enter the social media world and my husband, Bill, who is always there for me as I come and go!

Happy New Year, I wish you all the health bodies, mind and lots of wonderful movement in your life! Madeline