How to Improve Your Pilates Rollup Exercise

In Pilates, Rollup is a difficult mat exercise if your spine, especially if the lower spine is too straight, stiff or excessive in its concavity. When a person tries to do the full rollup with a stiff spine, the movement is not smooth nor is the deep core muscles recruited. In fact, flexing the spine in this way causes compression of the spine with a potential of displacing a disc or straining back ligaments. We want to be aware of the spine moving sequentially without a compression (a downward pressing rather than an elongation). Using props, as these towels, brings the mat up to your spine enabling the movement that exists at that moment to happen. And it gives you feedback on your spine, feeling when the spine meets the towel.

The awareness of what area is moving first, then putting your attention in the next area, and so on, is helpful in connecting your mind with your body. This connection changes the connection of the brain to body allowing for the movement to happen easily!

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