Contemplations by Madeline "Behind Your Heart"

Behind Your Heart -by Madeline Blackfrom Pilates Style Magazine July/August Issue

The space between the heart and spine Dark, secret space Unknown space to your consciousness Until it hurts Until it rears its memories

Conditioning hides behind the heart Space being compressed and released with every beat Compressed against the spine like a knock on the door How long will it take to hear the knock And how long before you go inside

Fearing to go inside the darkness behind the heart The room of unknown memories, people, spirits Facing the conditional you Ignoring the pounding sound How long before returning to the knocking Pain that is felt stored in that heart space Tucked away, hidden

I don't know what lies inside Fear, anger, sorrow Love, joy and peace Standing at the doorway Peering in, curious now

Breath expands the space behind the heart Opening the space, allowing the darkness to see the light Slows the knocking of the heart against the spine Softens the space Easing resistance to enter the darkness

Revealing the mystery of the back space of the heart To heal the pain Return to the breathing Soften, feel the back of the heart

~madeline black