Madeline Bali1Bali, the beautiful island in Indonesia, for me holds a special place in my heart. I traveled to Bali about five years ago with my family. I had been reading the Bhagavad Gita and was in a small study group. To see the story and life philosophy of the “Gita” come to life in Bali was so inspiring. The experience of the feeling, seeing and understanding the traditions and practices of their spirituality moved me. I am so happy to have the opportunity to return to Bali and begin a tradition of mine own in the Balinese energetic field. Robyn Schonell, a Pilates teacher and studio owner is organizing the special 5 day retreat. This is not an ordinary retreat. This is a retreat for teachers who need to take care of themselves through working on their bodies, mind and spirit.

Body: a daily class plus time to “research” what their body needs to bring more balance. • Mind: three workshops learning new movement science, manual techniques and movement for fine tuning the body. • Spirit is the environment of Bali, meals together, surfing, swimming, reading, visiting temples and sleeping!

rice fields Madeline and Cooper

I am also open to people who practice Pilates, or any movement form as clients to attend. I always encourage clients to take a workshop to learn more about their body, receive body work (clients tend to be used as examples to solve some issues) and to be with teachers from all different styles of movement. If you are a client and interested in attending, please email me and we will discuss to see if it is appropriate to attend.

See you in Bali!

Plank Bali Retreat Information and Registration:Contact Robyn at BALI PILATES STUDIO 68 Jl Drupadi, Seminyak Bali, IndonesiaBali+62 (0)81338585261Perth +61(0)415149560

More information about the retreat here: Bali Retreat