About Madeline Black's Immersive Body Trainings

Regularly, after teaching a half or full day workshop, movement teachers ask me, “how can I apply this to my client who is….”  In chat groups, so many questions arise, such as, what to do when I see this with my client. I know the movement teachers are well educated and experienced and still asking these questions. I decided that a new approach to offering more than education and new exercises, the teachers needed the space and time to build on what they know to evolve their process.


 Three years ago, I began teaching an immersive body training program. My process developing the program was an organic one. As teachers came together to study and practice with me, they expressed the desire for more time and more practice. My four part series came to life. It began with “Gather” then evolved further into “Encompass”. 

 My vision bringing teachers into true integration and practical know-how is “Constellation”.  I have been waiting for the right time to offer “Constellation”. The right time is when I felt the community of teachers, who complete and practice “Gather” and “Encompass”, were ready. The time is 2020. And beyond “Constellation” the future brings “Metaphora” the culmination experience where we transfer our work with each other in a healthy and healing environment.

 To immerse your self in this way of being is embracing the whole body, person and spirit of movement. Then transmuting your body as well as your client’s into better health and movement.


 Frequently asked questions

 What is the Immersive Body Training?

Madeline Black brings together her years of body training, which includes, dance, Pilates, yoga, Gyrotonic®, movement science and manual therapies. Her strong philosophy is to help people improve their physical capacity through an integrated functional approach. The Immersive Body Training is for teachers in the movement and fitness field looking to advance their education, perception, intuition and manual skills.

 Do I attend Gather before Encompass?

There is no requirement for which training you participate in first. Madeline meets the teachers who are present, following a course template and then redesigning it during the training to match the needs.


What is the difference between the two trainings?

Gather is a more linear course following the format of Madeline’s book “Centered”. It begins with the feet and progresses upward with attention to the whole body. In this training, manual perception and learning simple manual techniques as MET and mysofascial release is covered. Assessment skills are practiced with the learning of the whole spinal system influence on alignment and movement. Strengthening work is also included using floor, small props, and Pilates equipment.

 Encompass is broader in that it looks more globally using gait patterning as the basis of identifying the needs of the body. The focus is on the sternum, sacrum and talus relationships and influence in movement. Time is spent practicing techniques progressing toward session development.


May I retake Gather or Encompass?

Yes, we offer an “echo” price, a savings of  $700.00 US


Are there Cec’s available?

The trainings are approved by the PMA for continuing education credit. ACE and other organizations may accept PMA approval for their requirements.


May I contact someone if I have more questions?

Yes, please send an email to admin@madelineblack.com with your questions.


 There is still opportunity to attend “Gather’ and “Encompass” before attending “Constellation” in 2020 or 2021. Click Here for Events Page